About ParentClue

seth_headshot_sm_sqHello there! My name is Seth. My wife and I are the parents of six adorable kids. I love technology and teaching. And, I love my family. My family spend a lot of time on iPods, iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices.

I started ParentClue to share tips and strategies on how to make those mobile devices more family friendly. My first course is all about how to keep kids safe on mobile devices.

Family values are different for each family, but I want to share strategies that have worked for me, which can be broadly applied to your family and tweaked to fit your family values.

I will occasionally host a free online webinar to share some of the tips and tricks I have learned. Register today and I will let you know when the next webinar gets scheduled.

Teaching and technology

I have always been passionate about teaching and technology. My first declared major in college was secondary education—I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps and be a teacher. But, then I discovered the starting salary of teachers and quickly changed my major. I ended up getting a bachelors and masters degree, with plans of completing a PhD in information technology and teaching at a university.

But, starting a family was more important than a PhD. So, I entered the workforce and starting supporting my family instead of dragging my wife and two kids along with me on a doctorate adventure. Maybe I will go back and get one some day.

I’ve enjoyed a successful career in technology, but I’ve always had an itch for teaching and instruction. One of my first jobs was as a corporate technology trainer. I’ve moonlighted as adjunct faculty for a nearby for-profit university. One of my superpowers is breaking down complex technology into smaller, more digestible parts.

Starting ParentClue

My wife and I were over visiting some friends, talking about setting up their old iPhone so their kids could use it. We had told them about some of the controls we set for our kids and shared some of our best practices. As we were stepping through some of the setup screens, the wife said, “Hey, you’re pretty good at this.”

The husband had just completed an online webinar, and explained how helpful it had been.

We talked about the fusion of these concepts and ParentClue was born. I came home that night and started working on this site.

I hope the tips and tricks I share here on ParentClue can help you. And your family. Nothing is more important than family.

Start learning today.