How to be a better online parent

This a video training course where I teach parents the tools and techniques they can use to keep their families safe. The ParentClue course consists of 8 lessons taking you step-by-step through a complete strategy on how to improve your digital parenting skills.

Family Focused

You decide what standards are important for your family, and this online training will help you need to keep your family safe.

Comprehensive instruction

Each video lesson also comes with helpful bonus materials. Downloadable handouts, worksheets, quizzes, and other materials will help make sure parents master the material.

Specifically for Apple devices

The ParentClue 101 course focuses on Apple devices. If your child uses an iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone, this course will help you make it safer for your child.

About ParentClue

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Disturbing trends for our children

Percentage affected by cyberbullying before age 13
Percentage who have seen pornography online by age 12
Percentage involved in some form of sexting by age 18
Percentage of teens who check their devices hourly


Seth is the perfect guy to be teaching us digitally clueless parents. He explains these topics clearly and the video lessons are very well done. Highly recommended.

Mike Bergeron

ParentClue was a huge help when I decided to get my twin 14-year-olds each an iPod Touch for Christmas. Going through the parental controls step-by-step really helped me understand what my options were as a parent. It made me feel much safer when handing these devices over to my teenagers.

Heather Jensen

Money-back guarantee

Parenting isn't easy. Learning how to become an effective digital parent takes work. But, don't worry because you have 90 days to try my course risk-free. Either you love the course or you don't pay a thing.